Malang, The Perfect Destination for a Memorable Budget Holiday with Your Family

Planning a holiday with the family can be a challenging task to do since there are different preferences, needs, and requests needed to be accommodated. For some people, budget is another factor that must be taken into consideration, which can make the whole planning session even more challenging. In this blog post, I’d like to introduce a holiday destination that can be a solution to the aforementioned issues. So you can still have a memorable holiday with your family, without hurting your pocket too much.

The holiday destination I’d like to introduce you is Malang, a small city surrounded by mountains in East Java province of Indonesia. Those who love mountains might have heard or even visited this city unintentionally. Mount Welirang, Mount Arjuna, Mount Panderman, Mount Kawi, the renowned Mount Bromo, and the highest mountain in Java Island, Mount Semeru, are the mountains that surround the city of Malang.

Photo Credit: Mitsupuri Arif Pratama/Flickr

What many people might not know yet is that Malang is also home to many beautiful beaches. The beaches are not yet as famous as the mountains, but that’s what makes it even more worth the visit. It means the beaches are still pure, clean, quiet, and not charging too much for the entrance tickets, yet. Here are several of the beautiful beaches in Malang that will satisfy your needs of vitamin-sea:

  1. Tiga Warna Beach

Entrance fee: IDR 10,000/pax

The beach has 3 beautiful colors, red, green, and blue as the result of plankton’s accumulation, soil sedimentation, and different depths of the sea. The water is very clear with beautiful coral reefs underneath, which makes it suitable for snorkeling. It is located about 70 km from downtown Malang and since it’s included in a Mangrove Conservation area, it has strict rules for visitors. Make sure you check the visitors’ quota prior to your visit and obey the rules while enjoying the beach.

2. Gatra Beach

Entrance fee: – (compulsory donation minimum of IDR 6,000/pax for the mangrove conservation).

The beach has a beautiful view with clear water and coral islands spread around. It can be used as a camping ground as well for people who want to enjoy a sky full of stars accompanied by the sound of the waves. The beach is located about 2 hours by car from downtown Malang.

3. Sendiki Beach

Entrance fee: –

Among the hidden beaches in Malang, this beach is the quietest, probably because it is less-known compared to the others. Here you can enjoy the calming breeze, the white sand, and the beautiful landscape in a serene surrounding. It’s the perfect place to withdraw from the noise of the big city and just enjoying the moment. You’ll get back with a clearer mind and a new perspective of life.

Photo Credit: Haris/Flickr

4. Batu Bengkung Beach

Entrance fee: IDR 5,000/pax

Facing towards the Indian Ocean, this beach has big waves and a stunning view. Moreover, the beach faces the west, which means that it’s just a matter of time before you can view a beautiful sunset just right in front of you. You can just sit and drown in your own thoughts as you witness probably one of the most beautiful views you could ever see on a beach.

Sadly the beach is not suitable for water activities, such as swimming. But, it doesn’t mean you can’t do any other activities while you are here, instead, there’s a hill on the northwest part of the beach that you can climb. The top offers a magnificent view of the beach from a different angle. Just make sure you bring your own equipment since the beach doesn’t offer any equipment rental facilities.

After you satisfy your craving for nature, you can take your family to attractive and educational parks in Batu. Batu is a small city about 45 minutes from downtown Malang that has many interesting parks and beautiful waterfalls. Here are several recommended attractions in Batu to visit and have a great time with your family, especially your kids:

Photo Credit: Gregoriuz/Flickr
  1. Museum Angkut

Entrance fee:
IDR 60,000/pax (weekdays), IDR 80,000/pax (weekends)

Said to be the biggest transportation museum in South East Asia, Museum Angkut offers a collection of transportation means from various eras from different parts of the world. The museum is divided into several zones according to the background of the transportation means. But that’s not only it, there is a zone called the Gangster & Broadway Zone that is designed and decorated like the old streets where the gangsters lived along with a broadway theater that showcases images of old Charlie Chaplin’s movie. It can’t be compared with the ones in the Universal Studio, of course, but it’s quite unique and definitely instagramable. That’s why visitors usually spend a lot of times taking pictures in this particular zone.

Photo Credit: Anom Harya/Flickr

2. Batu Secret Zoo

Entrance fee:
IDR 75,000/pax (weekdays), IDR 105,000/pax (weekends)

People who underestimated the animal collection Batu Secret Zoo has, have always ended up surprised and impressed after their visit to this zoo. It has quite a complete and unique animal collection from different parts of the world; in fact, it’s listed on the 5th place for the most favorite zoos in Asia (2014). Besides animals, the zoo also has a zone with interesting games and replicas. Your kids will have a great time learning about animals while playing games at the same time.

3. Eco Green Park

Entrance fee: 
IDR 40,000/pax (weekdays), IDR 60,000/pax (weekends)

The park claims itself as the first ecology education park in Indonesia with science, biogas, recycling, birds, insects, plants, and much more in its portfolio. It offers an exciting unconventional way to educate children with subjects/issues that would be difficult or at least boring to be done otherwise. If you want your children to be an expert in science or environment, taking them to this park would be the first move you need to do. Or probably just to have fun with your children while expanding their knowledge about science and nature, this is definitely the place to be.

Photo Credit: Bruce Levick/Flickr

Compared to the other parks anywhere or to a gadget’s price, the entrance fee to the aforementioned parks are relatively cheap, moreover, you can consider it as an educational cost for your children. As for accommodation, Malang offers various types of places to stay. You can get a room in a decent homestay with only IDR 250,000/night. Food price is fairly cheap as well; a bowl of bakso, Malang’s signature dish is about IDR 15,000 to IDR 20,000. Transportation is easy and there are plenty of ground tour agents that offer economical packages to the aforementioned attractions. Malang’s airport has direct flights from Jakarta and Bali with fair prices, served by several different airlines. You can get more flight options in Surabaya’s airport, Juanda, which take about 2.5 hours from Malang. Malang is truly the perfect place to have a memorable budget holiday with your family. What is your recommended destination for a great budget family holiday?

Photo Credit: Arief Sofyan Indrawan/Flickr


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